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  • FAQs: For Our Families

    How Are We Different?

    In addition to serving all members of our communities, the team at Achieve Quality of Life includes experts who specialize in working with individuals who are neurodiverse, including those who have diagnoses such as Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

    We understand the importance of not only developing skills, but in building relationships and a life, from which one can find meaning!

    Life can be hard enough sometimes, and having a disability on top of every-day stressors can make things even harder.  This can lead to feelings of frustration, overwhelm, or even anger for not just the individual with the disability, but for the entire family!

    Disabilities and mental health conditions can impact the entire family.  That is why we aim to serve family units, rather than just one family member.

    We bring our uniquely developed programs, resources, and creativity to a one-stop-shop, where you can access it all!


    What Does Quality of Life Have to Do with Anything?

    Human beings are complicated!  Do you strive for more, for you and your family?  We are always going to have strengths, as well as areas that we can improve upon.  At Achieve Quality of Life, we break Quality of Life down into 6 domains:

    (1) Physical, (2) Emotional, (3) Financial, (4) Vocational, (5) Social, and (6) Spiritual.

    Take the Quality of Life Quiz to obtain your score!


    Can You Just Talk to a Friend, Parent, or a Significant Other?

    You could… but sometimes we need the kind of help that our loved ones are not able to provide.  A trained professional can help you to approach your situation in a new way, by teaching you new skills!

    We can assist you with things such as:

    • Learning how to make/keep friends
    • Processing a traumatic event
    • Handling obsessive-compulsive behaviors and anxiety
    • Coping with depression or suicidal thinking
    • Developing skills for the work force
    • Couples counseling
    • Exercising for your body type
    • Financial planning
    • Finding a diet that meets your needs to fuel your body and to improve your mental health

    Browse our team-members’ profiles, to learn more!


    Can You Take a Pill to Feel Better Quickly?

    Medications and supplements may be effective, at times, but they are not “magical cures”.  There may also be side effects!  Our team can assist you in finding the treatments and programs that will work best for you and your loved ones!  Research demonstrates that a combination of treatments, such as therapy, coaching, and medications/supplements is helpful for achieving our goals and improving Quality of Life.


    How Long Will it Take to Reach Your Goals?

    Everyone’s circumstances are unique and the length of time needed to achieve a goal will vary from one person to the next.  It also depends on what your goals are!  It can be fun to set goals, to improve our lives.  While some may require just 4-6 sessions, others might prefer to have regular check-in/maintenance sessions to ensure continuity, which can continue for months or even years.



    You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Sessions. What Can You Do to Help?

    We are so glad you asked!  To get the most out of your sessions and to achieve your goals, it will be critical to attend your sessions regularly, and to complete any “assignments” that your coach or therapist has taken the time to assign to you.


    Does Therapy and Coaching Actually Work?

    We are proud of the quality of our services!  We will personally guarantee you, that if you work with our team to improve your Quality of Life, you will see an increase in your Total Quality of Life Score. If you don’t, you can ask for your money back!


    If Your Question Has Not Been Answered, Please Get in Touch.

    Please contact us!  We will be happy to assist you.

    All the best,

    Dr. K. & the Achieve Quality of Life Team



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