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  • Carolyn Gold

    “Healthy spaces are palpable; they restore the mind, body and soul.” ~ CFG

    Carolyn Feder Gold is an HSP (highly sensitive person), Empath and INFJ, which explains why she’s so in tune. She can best be described as a multi-dimensional story teller and sensory strategist who is eager to make your family’s life better, one space at a time.

    Lately, families have had to adapt to new lifestyles by squeezing in even more functions into a single room. There’s plenty of inspiration floating around but… is it really right for you? Unlikely. An ideal space should suit your needs by being practical and attractive, but it also needs to be healthy and nurturing from a sensory standpoint. If pictures don’t show that, who can? Carolyn’s one-of-a-kind techniques ease your mind and body so you can function and feel better.

    Knowing yourself through your senses and learning how to identify sensory irritants improves your quality of life. Her approach is fun, eye opening with surprisingly simple solutions that are quite effective, some results are immediate. Through coaching and step by step guidance, you will be able to transform one room or an entire home into a sensory haven, planned out to make you and your family calmer and more comfortable. Whether neuro typical or neuro diverse, babies or adults, everyone benefits from this holistic practice. It’s founded on brain science and thirty plus years of experience in all facets of interior design.

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    Carolyn’s in-depth knowledge of light, color, shapes, textures, scents and sounds, is life changing. So, if you or someone in your family struggles with focus, needs to be more productive while learning and working, these services will help. Maybe you, a family member or friend seem overly agitated or have difficulty relaxing, enjoying meals and winding down at night and sleeping better, then she’s the person to talk to for direction.

    The Gold Touch transforms your mindset and your surroundings.
    Services available in English and Spanish!


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