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  • Erin Boaz, RN, BSN

    Erin is a Registered Nurse, Life Coach and Integrative Health Coach.  Two decades ago, her son was diagnosed with Autism. Around the same time, her mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Erin started out with a blank slate of knowledge, but her inquisitive mind and motivation prompted her to explore, research, and discover what true health looks like. 

    Erin’s primary focus is to coach and to co-create a customized action plan with her clients (caregivers) that may be experiencing burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion, or a lack of control over their lives. Often times, physical symptoms such as headaches, restless sleep, GI issues, irritability, anxiety, and depression will rear their heads when life feels chaotic and out of balance.  Erin masterfully integrates mind, body and spiritual coaching while providing applicable tools, so that clients can begin to feel motivated, in control, and energized!

    Erin’s prior experiences as an ER Nurse revealed that many patients’ symptoms are treated with medications, therefore overlooking their root causes. Erin is wired to think “outside the box” and her curiosity led her to become a Certified Integrative Health Coach in order to treat the “whole person”.  She empowers her clients with tools so they can become their own advocates and have the confidence to navigate through their health and wellness journey.

    Erin works with adults and caregivers of neurodiverse individuals. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and her certifications include:  Integrative Health Coach, Intuitive Eating Counselor, Life Coach, Trauma-Informed Coach, Live Your Purpose Coach, and Reiki Master.

    Erin is a mother to 3 children (ages 21, 19 and 13) and she enjoys volunteering, working out, reading, cooking, and writing. She helps to facilitate Divorce Care at church.  Erin has learned through her own journey of depression and chronic pain that finding balancing, managing emotions, and pouring into oneself are keys to living one’s best life.

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