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  • Lorna Hecker, Ph.D.

    “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is about taking steps in spite of that fear.”

    Lorna Hecker, Ph.D. specializes in neurodiversity!  She has edited the book A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism – Treatment for Adolescents and Adults. Her forthcoming book is: Different Planets: Understanding your Neurodiverse Relationship.

    Dr. Hecker is a Professor Emerita of Purdue University NW, where she directed the University’s Couple and Family Therapy Center for 25 years and taught couples and family therapy within their Master’s program. Additionally, she has raised a child on the spectrum (who is now a successful young adult)! Dr. Hecker works with couples who are neurodiverse, where both individuals are neurodiverse, or in what she considers a cross-cultural relationship, when a neurodiverse person is paired with a neurotypical person. She has over 30 years of experience working with couples.

    Dr. Hecker has seen many couples who were discouraged from getting help because the provider they engaged with did not understand the dynamics of neurodiversity and instead, pathologized it. This can leave couples feeling defeated and misunderstood. Dr. Hecker’s goal is to provide an affirming environment where growth can occur, individuals feel valued, couples can reconnect, and strengths and superpowers are affirmed.


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