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  • Miriam Campbell

    Miriam is passionate about helping people CONNECT!

    As a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Social Worker, teacher and parent, with 10+ years of experience, Miriam was searching for a fun and accessible manner to help children learn and implement the rules of relationships. Coaching parents, teachers, supervising SLP’s and direct clinical work has strengthened her belief that even learning about relationships needs to be accessible, fun, and engaging.

    The Bubble Double  concept came to Miriam while she was working with a client who needed a concrete way to explain the rules of socialization. Because Miriam wants her clients to be able to understand WHY social rules are important she effectively utilizes the Bubble concept towards developing overall visual context to conceptualize the rules. A child who is empowered with understanding the motives of the rules is better able to self monitor and integrate the concepts independently. Excited with her clients success, she decided to share the Bubble model in her debut book Bubble Double to make the ideas accessible to others working in helping children connect.

    Miriam provides 1:1 coaching to parents, therapists, and teachers!


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