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  • Robert Gold

    Robert Gold is an empath, highly sensitive person and practicing Ontologist for the better part of forty years. Being aware of others’ emotions, makes him an extremely effective Communication Specialist and Trust Development Coach.  Supporting caregivers who are so devoted to others that they often find it hard to express their own wants and needs, is a top priority for him.

    Robert was a gifted child and often misunderstood by adults. He devised coping mechanisms to manage the world around him. Only recently did he discover his own neurodiversity. This revelation has answered so many questions and it also makes him all the more willing to open up to help others. Robert is all about embracing differences and appreciating what we have. He motivates people of all ages to see the world through a different lens which often leads to new insights and fulfilling their intended mission in life. His interests and inventions lie within intuitive technology that can provide us with full control over incoming data, instead of being bombarded with irrelevant information.

    Along with his wife, Carolyn, they co-own The Gold Touch, an accessible venue where people’s lives are transformed both, inside and out. The Golds are also coauthors of a fascinating book series which combines their gifts and talents, offering the reader a uniquely sensory view of the world.


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