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  • Sheila Wolfe

    Thank you for your interest in finding out more about getting appropriate services for your child with special needs in your public school. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have a son, Connor, who is a young adult, and a son, Cory, who is also a young adult and Autistic. When he attended school, Cory had a full-time, one-on-one aide who taught him directly throughout the day. I am personally experienced in facing conflict with my school system and how to navigate through state complaints, mediation, settlement meetings, and Due Process Hearings.

    I am also experienced with litigation/accusations directed at parents from the school system for attendance violations (personal experience) and issues with Child Protective Services (through clients). In addition, I am familiar with issues surrounding private placements and have training in appropriate assessments and consult with a clinical psychologist and special education attorney on a regular basis.

    Through IEP Services LLC, I will assist your family as we negotiate an appropriate educational program (IEP) for your child with special needs in your public-school system. You will be provided with valuable information to increase your personal knowledge of “special needs” (Autism, Bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD etc), how to appropriately teach children with special needs, the fundamentals of appropriate behavior intervention, various types of therapies, and especially what your rights are regarding educating your child in the public schools.