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  • Tanya Malik

    Owner: OTSEVA LLC /Digital Divvy Inc.

    Occupational Therapist / Information Technology / Chef / Specialist in Autism Spectrum Disorder

    I bring the voice of our special population and minority women to help them to navigate the world by providing them tools to be self-reliant to the best of their potential. I propogate “ability over disability” and believe that each and every one of us has a unique talent to offer to this world to make it a better place. Originally from India and raised on the values of “Vasudeva Kutumkam”, that means “the world is a family”. I believe in service and inclusion to all.

    Professionally, I am a licensed Occupational Therapist and Microsoft Certified Professional and have over 15 years of experience working with the special needs population with specializations in sensory integration and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I also have my own digital services company that provides Information Technological solutions in terms of application building and web presence to these populations through social media platforms.

    I can be reached at [email protected]/[email protected]

    Tanya Malik , OTR/L, MCP

    “If you want others to be happy practice Compassion , if you want to be happy practice Compassion” – Dalai Lama