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  • Meet Our Founder!

    Dr. Teri Krakovich (aka “Dr. K.”) founded Achieve Quality of Life, in order to solve every-day problems for families who are looking to make meaningful changes in their lives. Many of the families who benefit from Achieve Quality of Life’s services are impacted by Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities or neurodiversity (e.g., a family member has been diagnosed with a condition such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, or Dementia).


    Dr. K.’s brother was diagnosed with Autism, Moderate ID, and ADHD in the 1990s. Through her own life experiences and while working as a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Brain Health Coach, Dr. K. has had the pleasure of getting to know families across a variety of settings (e.g., residential, academic, medical, skilled nursing, and assisted living) while living and working in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nebraska, and Denmark.


    Dr. K. has researched (and observed) the stresses of parenting individuals with disabilities as well as the role that being a sibling to a disabled individual can play in impacting the non-disabled sibling’s development and outcomes. Her academic work included studying topics such as interventions/treatments for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as burnout and retention for support staff who work with those who have Intellectual and Developmental disabilities.

    As a clinical psychologist, Dr. K. has had the privilege of working with numerous families and clients to assist them in achieving their goals.

    Clinically, Dr. K. is passionate about approaches to healing and wellbeing that include psychotherapy, coaching, integrative medicine, exercise, essential oils, nutrition, energy healing, and nutraceuticals to reduce symptoms of mental health conditions and to optimize brain functioning.


    Personally, Dr. K. is a wife and mom to two girls. She resides with her family in Carmel, Indiana. As someone who is balancing her family, career, and personal goals, she is working to achieve her own quality of life – just like the rest of us!


    Achieve Quality of Life was founded to bring peace of mind to your family.


    How we help you:


    Our services and community are built for caregivers.  It is time to acknowledge your own needs, questions, and concerns!


    Our one-stop-shop of supports meets your caregiving needs, while providing you with important resources and knowledge to bring home to your family.


    It does not matter where you live. We are here to support you!