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  • Meet Our Founder!

    Dr. Teri Krakovich (“Dr. K.”) founded Achieve Quality of Life to solve every-day problems for caregivers who are looking for tools and supports beyond the services they may find in their local communities. Caregiving is a life-long journey!

    Clinically, Dr. K. has worked in residential, academic, skilled nursing, assisted living, and private practice settings, while living and working in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Nebraska, and Denmark. She has researched and observed first-hand, the stress that caring for individuals with chronic disabilities or illnesses can cause and the ripple effect that ensues when caregivers feel burnt out, isolated, or not equipped to step into the best versions of themselves.

    Dr. K.’s brother lives with Autism, Intellectual Disability, and ADHD and her daughter was diagnosed with Tetrology of Fallot, a Congenital Heart Defect. Her own life experiences and work as a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Brain Health Coach have led her on the path to found Achieve Quality of Life and to develop the Quality of Life Platform for caregivers.

    “By helping caregivers to achieve their goals, we can create a ripple effect that impacts families and entire communities.”

    Dr. K. is passionate about approaches to healing and wellness that include psychotherapy, coaching, integrative medicine, exercise, essential oils, nutrition, energy healing, and nutraceuticals to reduce symptoms of mental health conditions and to optimize brain functioning. She is married and has two daughters. As someone who is balancing her family, career, and personal goals, she is working to achieve her own quality of life – just like the rest of us!

    “We help caregivers to access top-of-the-line services, supports, and resources, so that they feel restored with confidence and peace of mind.”


    How we help you:


    The Quality of Life Platform was built for caregivers.  It is time to acknowledge your needs, questions, and ambitions!


    Our one-stop-shop of supports meets your caregiving needs, while providing you with valuable resources and knowledge to bring home to your family.


    Access our team on your own time, from anywhere.  It does not matter where you live. We are here to support you on your caregiving journey!