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    We help families access evidence-based services and supports, so that they feel restored, build skills, and achieve peace of mind.

    Health, Wellness, & Healing

    Health, Wellness, & Healing

    Evidence-based Programming / Skills Development

    Evidence-based Programming / Skills Development

    Daily Life & Future Planning

    Daily Life & Future Planning

    Are You Caring for Someone with a Developmental Disability?

    Feeling isolated or like no one understands?

    Is your health suffering, while you take care of everyone except you?

    Feeling overwhelmed as you plan for your family’s future?

    Feeling burnt out or exhausted, while at the same time knowing that things can be better?

    Have You Been Diagnosed with a Developmental Disability or a Related Condition?

    Feeling alone or disconnected?

    Feeling anxious or overwhelmed as you think about your future?

    Feeling tired or unmotivated, while at the same time knowing that things can be better?

    Struggling to figure out your next steps?

    Here's How We Help:

    Results Driven

    We help you to feel restored, build skills, and achieve peace of mind.

    Flexible Sessions

    We offer mental health therapy, coaching, and consulting sessions.  Schedule at your convenience!

    Caregiver Supports

    We aim to meet all of your needs as a caregiver, in person or online, in a one-stop-shop!

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    Family Focused

    We help families so that you are all operating at your best!

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    Who we have helped!

    Carolyn Feder Gold: Sensory Design & Transformation

    “I wanted to transform my son’s crowded bedroom into an enjoyable multifunctional environment so that he can play, do homework, and sleep peacefully. We did it virtually, and we love the results!”

    – L.P. (Texas)
    Karen Hellman: Energy Healing and Trauma Release Specialist 

    “Within 24 hours I felt like a completely different person – my mind was clearer than it’s ever been. I feel centered and calm, like I’ve been born into a better version of myself.”

    – H.S. (New York)

    Jamie Klein: Brain Health & Educational Consulting

    “Jamie has been my rock and right hand through this process. Her intelligence a ’10’ and her caring, compassionate, and loving spirit made me feel right at home!”

    – C.M. (Nebraska)